About Us

The creative class has an opportunity to do more than just donate money.

Causathon launched many years ago as an in-person hackathon, facilitating energy of good will that permeated the venue and profoundly positively impacted participating organizations. For 24 hours, creatives were fueled by a well defined challenge a non-profit was experiencing. Many of these NPOs went forth with a framework that allowed them to fundraise against or activate the provided solution. The COVID-19 pandemic has provided us with an opportunity to consider a format that allows for the same spark of energy through remote creative capacity.

Now, more than ever, non-profit organizations around the world understand the need for a digital-forward, creative operation.

One of the major hurdles we have witnessed for NPO’s around the world both big or small, is that they traditionally do not have the ability to recruit the best creatives due to the lack of funding that gets allocated to digital. Programmatic needs become front and center to funding and oftentimes, the creative firepower that is needed gets left by the wayside. The result is a substantial amount of technical debt left for individuals fighting our most critical efforts to impact communities and individuals around the world. This gap provides a phenomenal opportunity to creatives who have the ability to make an undeniable impact by gifting their talents to these NPOs.

Causathon identifies and onboards passionate NPOs who are committed to being connected and working with talented, well intentioned creatives who are willing to gift their creativity.